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MoviePoster Motion Sensor Now Available!
The MoviePoster Motion Sensor is a device that connects to your tv and automatically turns it on when motion is detected in the area. No more need to manually turn your screen on and off! The device is user configurable and will automatically turn the screen off after no motion is detected for the set period of time. It also works directly with the MoviePoster software via USB to make sure the screen stays on any time the 'Now Playing' poster is shown.
Now Available for order! Visit the Products page to learn More.


Upcoming Features
New features are being worked on all the time. If you have an idea for a new feature please send your suggestions to Upcoming features that will be available in a future version include:
Viewing a webpage as a poster - this is really handy for displaying live sports scores.
Poster detail editor - to easily edit the metadata for your posters.
Ability to change plugin settings using the webremote.
Ability to select Trivia from a list of available folders (Trivia Library)

Motion Poster Links

Motion posters are animated posters that can be displayed by MoviePoster. As of version, MoviePoster supports motion posters in .flv, .gif, and various video formats inlcuding .mp4. At this time adding them to your poster library is a manual process. You can use the following links to download the files, then simply copy them into the appropriate movie folder in the MoviePoster cache directory. Files must end in -motionposter to be recognized. (ex: The Dark Knight Rises-motionposter.mp4)