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About MoviePoster

MoviePoster digital poster display software is what your home theater has been missing! MoviePoster is designed to run on a Windows PC connected to a large LCD display in portrait format. The software automatically downloads and displays digital movie posters for display in your custom home theater. Gone are the days of changing out a paper poster. MoviePoster will automatically cycle through posters for upcoming movies, or you can even define your own custom list. Now you can quickly and easily change your poster display in seconds. Along with the poster itself, MoviePoster will display metadata and even thr trailer for the movie!



Automatic download of new posters and trailers from online sources.


Metadata including MPAA ratings, studio, resolution, audio format, and ratings scores.


Over 50 animated transition effects.


Support for motionposters in flash or video formats.


Browser based remote control optimized for mobile devices.


KODI, EMBY, and PLEX integration shows artwork for currently playing media.


EventGhost support allows custom control and integration.


Genre and rating filters allow you to limit which posters are downloaded.


Trivia slide support with Q&A.


Support for user defined posters / photos.


Scales to any resolution including built in screen rotation.


Multi-display support allows you to connect any numer of displays.


Supports portrait or landscape screen orientations.


MoviePoster Dev now available for download

Visit the downloads page to learn more.
Version includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

Definitive Guide

A Definitive Guide on MoviePoster features, set up, and technical information is available on Googe Drive. Check it out for the most up to date information on features and troubleshooting. MoviePoster Definitive Guide

Support Development

Donations are not required, but are greatly appreciated and support the continued devevelopment and support of the application. If you find MoviePoster useful please consider making a donation. Users who donate $10 or more will be sent a code to register your installation. Registration codes may take up to 24 hours to be delivered.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista or later

.Net Framework 4.5 or higher

Direct 3D capable graphics card and driver

Internet connection

Enough hard drive space for the poster/trailer cache. (At least 10GB of free space is recommended)

4GB RAM or higher (8GB is recommended)

5th Generation Intel i5 series processor or newer is recommended

Recommended Hardware