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Special Note
Due to changes on the sites that MoviePoster uses to collect data, all versions and below are no longer able to reliably download poster data. These versions are now considered legacy and will no longer be supported. You can still download them if you wish from the Archive Page.

MoviePoster Definitive Guide
An up to date guide is available on Google Drive at the following link. Please check here first if you are having any difficulty. MoviePoster Definitive Guide on Google Drive.


Dev Builds
Dev Builds include the newest features and bug fixes, but have had more limited testing. These are usually pretty stable and are the versions I run myself. However, some features may be incomplete or undocumented and a few bugs might sneak through. These are best for people who want to be on the bleeding edge and don't mind reporting issues.
Note: Dev builds do not include an installer. Simply Extract the archive and run MoviePoster.exe


This is the current recomended version for best compatibility. The core program is the same as the original release.
The Repack aims to make the initial setup process easier. The base program is unchanged from the initial release. But includes an updated Kodi plugin, updated yt-dlp, bundles with the prerequisite MS C++ installer, and a handful of scripts to make setup easier. This repack comes as a self extracting 7zip archive. Please see the README file after extracting.

Notable Improvements include:
- Improved error handling to reduce crashes and memory leaks.
- Updated Plex plugin to allow IP address and machineidentifier values for clients.
- Resolved errors when adding additional display configurations
- Preliminary support for full screen poster images in portrait mode including zooming and stretch options for smaller artwork. - Work In Progress
- Resolved issues with extra artwork not being downloaded from Fanart.TV
- Ability to have multiple active custom lists

New Features Include:
- Updated Plugins for Plex, Emby/Jellyfin, Kodi
- Ability to use Sonarr and Radarr wanted list as poster list sources
- Updates to poster detail editor (WebRemote)
- Many bug fixes and minor improvements
New Features Include
- Reworked WebRemote
- Poster Detail Editor
- Improvements to plugin interfaces
- Updates to WebView Layouts
- Improved Multi-display functionality
- Replacement of Rotten Tomatoes Scores with tmdb rating
New Features Include
- Updates to the Plex Plugin
- Updates to WebView Layouts
- Additional media flag icons added to the default theme
- Ability to mark posters as "protected"
New Features Include
- Includes v1 of the Kaleidescape plugin
- Folder level .nfo option for custom/user posters
New Features Include
- Updated Emby plugin
New Features Include
- Updated Kaleidescape and Emby plugins

MoviePoster (Version - April 7, 2016)
This is the lastest 'stable' build. However for best compatibility, see the dev builds above.
New Features Include
- Option to render posters internally at 4k resolution
- Ability to change default fonts and colors
- Fixed an issue with the 'Start with Windows' feature
- WebView display option to display posters via a web browser
- Fixes to the Kodi plugin to better support Kodi 16
- Download either as an .msi installer, or 7-Zip archive
Note: You must uninstall old versions before installing
msi installer:
7-Zip Archive:


MQ4 Theme
This file includes mediaflag icons based on the XBMC Skin, Aeon MQ4 (credit MarcosQui). To install, extract the file to the MoviePoster/Images/Themes directory. You can select select themes in the application settings / display options tab.


Sample Theater Intro Video
Sample of a custom video poster.

Download the poster pack below. Simply extract the folder to your MoviePoster Cache directory to add it to your poster library.


EventGhost Plugin
Control MoviePoster using EventGhost.


GDC TicketMaker
Create your own personalized movie tickets with the GDC TicketMaker! Select the movie and show time and TicketMaker will generate a ticket including artwork for the movie. You can even create and save your own ticket layout designs.

.7z files require 7-Zip to extract. 7-Zip is available for free download at